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Ball Bearing Die Sets
There are 2 common styles of Ball Bearing die sets that we manufacture.
  • 'L' or Lempco style which has a slotted pin.
  • 'D' or Danly style which has a washer & screw on top of the pin.
Each style can have removable or non-removable pins or bushings.
We can machine any die set per a specification sheet, a sketch, a print or
a CAD file, including all required machining. Cutouts, machined pockets,
lift holes, spring pockets, dowel holes and other tooling holes are all
machined per standard tolerances.
Configurations of 'D' style die sets (above)
Configurations of 'L' style die sets (below)
Viewable PDF files
B.B. Die Set Specifications
'L' Style Components
courtesy of MDL
'D' Style Components
courtesy of MDL
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