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Custom Die Sets
Machined to your specifications, most Custom or Designer die
sets are manufactured in less than a week. We can machine
any die set per a specification sheet, a sketch, a print or a CAD
file, including all required machining. Cutouts, machined
pockets, lift holes, spring pockets, dowel holes and other
tooling holes are all machined per standard tolerances.
MDL is a registered trademark of MDL Mold & Die Components
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Die Set Specifications
Accurate Mfg. Components
Lamina Style Components
Danly Style Components
courtesy of MDL
  • Steel or Aluminum Die Sets
  • 2,3,4 or more Guide Pins
  • Press Fit or Removable Pins
  • Steel or Bronze Plated Bushings
  • Shank or No Shank
  • Lift Holes
  • Machined Pockets & Holes
  • 3-D Surfaces
  • Ground, not Ground or Machined edges
  • CAD Formats (see Services)
Unlimited Configurations
Additional Supplies
Die Springs
Gas Springs
Screws / Dowels / S.Bolts
UnitTool Punches & Dies