Quality and customer care are the most important services we provide. However, the rest
of the time we are machining parts. We machine many types of material from mild steel
to stainless and exotics, including aluminum, plastics and other composites.
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Importable CAD Formats
* ACIS (*.sat)
* ASCII Data (*.asc)
* Autocad (*.dwg ;*.dxf)
* IGES (*.igs ; *.iges)
* MasterCam (*.MC*)   
* Parasolid (*.x_t)
* SolidEdge (*.par)
* SolidWorks (*.sldprt ; *.sldasm)
* STEP AP203/217 (*.step; *.stp)
* SURFCAM (All Native Formats)
Services We Provide
Riveting Weldement
Engine Cowling
Master Layup Die
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CNC Machining
Accurate Mfg. boasts a variety of CNC Machining centers all of which are capable of  3-axis
machining or 4-axis machining. Machining large parts is a daily practice, our largest machining
window is X=168" , Y=120" , Z=72", our smallest is X=33", Y=31", Z=23". This  machining
capacity allows us to machine large weldments, castings and tooling plates.
Accurate Mfg. has all the facilities to do repair and maintenance on your parts. We can quote
repairing a die set, modifying a bolster plate or adding details to a mold base. Whatever it is, we
can machine it, torch cut it, weld it or grind it. Just supply us with a sketch, a print, or a CAD file.
(see the side bar for the CAD formats we can import).

Grinding Services
Accurate's grinding department maintains 5 Blanchard grinders and a surface grinder. We can
Blanchard grind parts up to 100" on the diagonal and perform surface grinding up to 72" long.
Our outside processes can rotary grind 200" on the diagonal. If you need non-magnet material
ground we can do that too. We regularly grind stainless steel and aluminum.

Metal Turning
Accurate Mfg. produces its own line of pins and bushing used in die set manufacturing. We also
machine custom pins, bushings, sleeves, tie rods and roller dies. We have a CNC Mazak lathe
with a Mazatrol control which allows us to quickly turn around custom parts. Our manual lathes,
ID grinders, OD grinders and Honing machines are all capable of machining aluminum, steels
and plastics.

Torch Cutting & Welding
Our CNC Flame Cutting machine is capable of cutting steel up to 15" thick by 96" wide and 240"
long. With all 6 torches running we can save you money when you require a large number of
parts. Our Burny control is also equipped with a template tracer for use when you don't require a
CAD accuracy to produce your parts. If you need angle iron or other items that need to be
trimmed to size we have 3 different cutoff saws that can do the work. From there we can
complete the welded fabrication with any of our MIG or TIG welders

Deep Hole Drilling
Gundrilling and Ejector drilling deep holes including water lines, heater holes, wire and steam
ports. We can gundrill and ejector drill holes up to 2.5" diameter by 72" deep.

Quality Assurance
Complete machining services includes Inspection & Quality Control. We pride ourselves in
supplying our customers with the product they require.